Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Few Random Tunes

Here they are:

Ananda Shankar - Back Home (1975)
This man was way ahead of his time.

Jesus & Mary Chain - Mushroom (Live 1985)
Cover of the tune from Can's Tago Mago album.

William Bell - Everybody Loves a Winner (1967)
Great soul ballad from the underrated Stax singer/songwriter. He wrote the tune "You Don't Miss Your Water," famously covered by Gram/Byrds.

Dion - Baby Let's Stick Together (1975)
Produced by Phil Spector. Sounds like two crazies going at it with unlimited studio time. One of the craziest productions ever on a pop song.

Curved Air - Melinda (More or Less) (1971)
Nice folk ballad from the proggy folky rock band with vocalist Sonja Kristina.